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According to a recent survey, over 40% of men over the age of 40 are dealing with ED (erectile dysfunction) with only a few seeking medical treatment for their conditions. This is because it can be embarrassing to go to your doctor and tell him that your penis isn’t doing its job properly. While this is embarrassing enough, it can get even more embarrassing to visit the local health shop and ask for assistance regarding male enhancement or libido boosters, especially if your family and friends also go to the same shop.

I know a few men who have admitted to me that they had suffered from sexual health problems but didn’t seek help. They also went on to say that because of their dysfunction in bed, their relationship with their partners got strained quickly. Nowadays, however, it has become possible for all men to seek help in boosting their sexual performance by getting prescription-free male enhancement pills. Better yet, you can now do this from the privacy of your home when ordering the products from their official websites.

However, buying male enhancement supplements from the web can come with its own set of cons as there are thousands of products available online but most are sub-par or fakes which are a waste of your money. According to a close friend who has tried a few male enhancement pills before, myVIGRA is a recently launched male enhancement product that he has just got his hands on. According to my friend’s testimonial and my own research, we have put together this myVIGRA review so that men who are interested in myVIGRA can get the info they want while still being able to make an independent decision regarding its purchase.

What Is myVIGRA?

myVIGRA is a well-researched and popular male enhancement supplement that has been used by thousands of men around the world with a significant positive overall review. myVIGRA uses an exclusive proprietary formula and a blend of 100% natural ingredients to boost your testosterone. This boost in testosterone enhances your sexual performance and desire, turning you from a sheep into a lion. It also helps increase nitric oxide production in the body, allowing for improving blood flow to the penis which allows for better erections and longer lasting sex. myVIGRA is also available online through the risk-free trial offer where you get to try the sexual stimulation supplement risk-free.

During my research, I found several male enhancement supplements that promoted sexual health benefits by stimulating the synthesis of testosterone in the body. But a product that promotes both, testosterone and nitric oxide production was a rare one. And even after I found such a product, it was far more expensive to getting myVIGRA.

According to my friend, he made this purchase for myVIGRA after consulting with his doctor, allowing him to enjoy the benefits without worry of any long-term side effects.

How Does It Work?

Have you ever wondered why pre-puberty children don’t have any sex drive but men who have gone through puberty do? Well, this is because puberty causes the body to start producing more testosterone hormone. This hormone production continues to increase in capacity until we reach our mid-20s where it starts to slow down and eventually declines. When this decline occurs, the benefits we had with abundant testosterone like high libido, harder erections, muscle growth, and frequent erections become subdued and reduce in intensity.

myVIGRA Working Mechanism

To combat this decline in testosterone that can cause ED and other sexual health issues, myVIGRA stimulates the adrenal glands to produce more of the hormone. It also helps stimulate the production of nitric oxide in the body.

When the body produces more nitric oxide, we can expect the blood vessels to dilate and allow more blood to flow through. Nitric oxide is also known to help improve blood circulation throughout the body via the dilated blood vessels. These benefits of increased nitric oxide levels allow not just sexual performance to improve but also stimulates the sexual stamina, energy, and endurance for the men who are taking myVIGRA.

What Are The Ingredients?

Only 100% natural ingredients are used in myVIGRA. The proprietary nutritional matrix formula has been created by consulting veteran experts, only using ingredients that work together to avoid side effects. The 100% organic and natural ingredients are well-researched and have been shown in clinical studies to give the following benefits:

  • 32% increase in the frequency of having erections
  • 62% boost in libido or sex drive
  • 74% improvement in erection longevity
When I took a look at the official website to find out the details about the nutritional matrix used in myVIGRA, I found that the only information provided is that L-Arginine is used in the product. While there are some reviews out there that have stated this to be because of low-quality ingredients being used, I disagree with this view.

The reason I am confident in regards to the ingredients used in the nutritional matrix is because these ingredients are EFSA proofed. This means that the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has approved of these ingredients and their uses in dietary supplements.

Coming back to L-Arginine, this is the active ingredient responsible for providing improved sexual performance for thousands of men around the world with myVIGRA. L-Arginine is an amino acid that helps promote nitric oxide levels by being converted into the powerful neurotransmitter. According to my research into this ingredient, it is designed to help dilate and relax the blood vessels throughout the body while improving blood flow to the muscles.

This ingredient works to dilate the blood vessels of the penis, allowing more blood to be pumped and stored in the corpora cavernosa during erections. When more blood is stored in the penile chambers, the penis engorges with blood, causing it to become harder, longer and thicker. The relaxation of blood vessels can also combat ED which is often caused because of the hardening of the arteries in the penis, also known as Atherosclerosis.

Not only is this ingredient capable of boosting erection quality, but it also helps boost the man’s sexual performance attributes like stamina, endurance, energy levels and power. According to my friend, this pill can help take your sex game to the next level. As for the reason for only L-Arginine being mentioned, it is probably due to some concern with the privacy or copyright issue for their formula. But, what matters to you and me is not its copyright concerns but if the product works or not.

myVIGRA Benefits

What Are The Pros And Cons?

From the description of benefits from my friend and my own research, I have compiled a list of pros and cons in using myVIGRA. It should also be mentioned that I have not had the opportunity to personally experience this product, so you should take these as a reference for your own experience, not as a claim or proof.

The Pros:

  • 100% natural ingredients are used to ensure a side effect free blend
  • Greater stamina in bed can be achieved with improved libido and energy
  • Improved testosterone production due to the key hormone boosting ingredients
  • Enhanced libido allows you to be more proactive and enthusiastic regarding sex
  • Improved energy levels allows for longer lasting sex without being tired or spent
  • More powerful erections allow both you and your partner to experience a heightened level of sexual pleasure
  • Strength boost is expected as testosterone is responsible for muscle growth and strength
  • Enhanced sexual performance is possible with a harder erection, stronger libido and increased energy levels
  • Longer and more passionate sex sessions are possible due to the harder and longer lasting erections and abundant sex drive
  • Increase in penis length and girth is possible over time as the repeated engorgement of the penis allows the penile cells to expand.

The Cons:

  • Online exclusive product means that myVIGRA can only be ordered online, not in any health store
  • Direct purchases are not preferred as the manufacturer’s website provides a risk-free trial offer for customers
  • Multi-buys not possible as the trial offer only sends one bottle

What Are The Side Effects?

myVIGRA is also side effect free because this male enhancement is made using advanced natural ingredients. There are thousands of men around the world that have used and recommend myVIGRA as an effective male enhancement supplement and state that they have yet to experience the side effects. I can also confirm that my friend also found no side effects from using the product.

Who Should Use This Sex Pill?

While there are products like skin creams, weight loss pills and detox drinks that can be used by everyone, myVIGRA is explicitly designed to boost the sexual health in men.

From my understanding of male enhancement pills, the people who should use this sex pill include:

  • Men who are struggling to combat ED or other sexual health problems
  • Men that don’t want to use androgenic steroids to boost their sexual health
  • Men who require a boost in libido and sex drive
  • Men who have issues with low levels of testosterone
  • Men that want to have more energy and stamina during sex
  • Men who want to up their sex game

Who Should Not Use This Sex Pill?

In case of myVIGRA or other male enhancement products, other than being for men only, there are a few groups of people that shouldn’t try myVIGRA without talking to their doctors. These include:

  • Children under 18 years of age as they have sufficient levels of testosterone for their growth
  • Females since the increase in testosterone can cause their hormone balance to be disrupted
  • Men who have severe health issues like heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure

What Do The User Reviews Say About This Pill?

I have found that out of all the facts that should be checked with any product before buying, reviews are the most important. This is because of the personal experiences of others who have tried a product before you can help you be more confident in your decision or deter you from a potential lemon.

Here are some of the testimonials and reviews for myVIGRA I found online:

  • Wayne D mentioned that he feels like he got younger regarding sexual stamina and strength where he feels like he is in his 30s.
  • Chris also advocates myVIGRA as he said that his wife is a bigger supporter of this product than he is because it performed with the claims that were mentioned.
  • Steven S mentions that he also supports this product as the ingredients have been clinically proven to help support male virility.
myVIGRA Reviews

Is There An Exclusive Deal For Online Customers?

Yes, there is an exclusive deal for those customers who want to get myVIGRA online. This offer is one for a trial of myVIGRA which is considered to be risk-free. What this risk-free trial does is it charges you a nominal shipping fee to have the male enhancement pill delivered to your doorstep in a discreet and secure package.

My friend tells me that all you have to do is accept the package and start using it, even before paying for it as part of the trial offer and if you like it, you just have to keep it. However, he also mentions that this trial is only offered to customers who order myVIGRA through the official website.

myVIGRA Risk Free Trial

What Is My Recommendation In Regards myVIGRA?

While I have not personally tired myVIGRA, I have the benefit of hearing my friend’s testimonial about this male enhancement supplement and its potential benefits. My research helped in writing this review and is also the reason a conclusion was made in regards to this sex pill.

In my opinion, myVIGRA is a male enhancement supplement that is worth its price and can help many men in their pursuit of improving their sexual performance. While some of the users may prefer to get this male enhancement pill from Amazon, I have been told that not all products sold on these e-commerce sites are real, leading to many unsatisfied customers. Instead, it is considered to be a safer alternative to order myVIGRA from the official website which also gives access to the risk-free trial offer.

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